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Muizenberg surf forecast

If you are looking for a surf at Muizenberg beach but you’re unsure of the ideal surf conditions then read on!

Set waves in front of the Muizenberg Pavillion

Perfect Muizenberg Surf Conditions

The best offshore wind conditions/direction for Muizenberg is anything northerly – a typical north wind is the north westerly (NW) which is more prevalent in the autumn, winter and very early spring months. The months where you find the best wind is from April to October.

The perfect swell direction is south easterly which would directly hit Muizenberg beach, but good waves can be found with a south south easterly and a straight southerly swell. Muizenberg sits in a slightly awkward position and unfortunately it doesn’t really pick up a lot of SE swell – it tends to be a SW, but when those SE swells do hit then then Surfers Corner can be legendary!

Great long boarding waves at Muizenberg beach

Good Surf Conditions

A really big south westerly swell will eventually find it’s way into False Bay and Muizenberg beach, but you’ll need to have a decent northerly wind in order to straighten up swell lines.

Bad Surf Conditions

The dreaded south easterly trade winds (onshore winds) tend to blow strong all summer long and make Muizenberg a right off when looking for a surf, on the odd occasion if the winds are light enough and the swell direction has any south in it there is the chance of a fun surf!

Strong SE onshore winds make for extremely bad conditions

So when should I surf?
Check the forecast on the morning of your surf and hope for the best – the weather and swell in Cape Town can be fickle and can change every few hours. But, if the winds are forecast as Northerly then expect clean conditions, wax up your board and prepare for some fun waves.

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Surf Spots
For a more detailed look at Muizenberg surf spots then read our handy guide and check out our map.

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