St James Beachhut Fire

On the 8th August around 1am a fire at the St James tidal pools destroyed 3 beach huts (or should that be bathing boxes?) and left another two in very bad condition, whilst the city and local law enforcement have remained tight lipped behind the blaze a local beach worker said there had been a small group of homeless people late in the afternoon around the beach huts and as the sun set they settled down for the night in several of the beach huts, law enforcement had moved on the small group of people much later in the evening.

For now the area has been taped off whilst the city tidy and remove the burnt out wood, but currently no word if they are to rebuilt.

4 St James Facts

  • The St James tidal pool construction began in 1903 and was completed around 1912
  • There is a surf spot called Electrics that breaks several meters in front of the St James tidal pool
  • The railway line from Muizenburg reached St James Station on 5 May 1883
  • St James is named after Church of St James, which was built in 1874

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