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What’s not to love about a truck-eating bridge, a theatre that was once a bowling alley, the Circle Walk of Fame honouring SA surfers and kick-ass coffee everywhere you look!
I have lived here for more than 30 years and that included a time when you didn’t openly admit that. The lovely Palmer Road area – the village – was known by locals as “The Ghetto” and was a no-go area.

The beachfront was a row of derelict, falling-down buildings and at one stage had a boom trying to control access at night. On weekends, surfers risked having their feet cut to ribbons by broken glass left in the sand and families no longer came to play.

BUT….. Kyk Hoe Lyk Ons Nou! (Look at us Now!)

We are a vibrant, multi-cultured, community of artists, crafters, creatives, surfers, homeless, entrepreneurs, workers and visionaries – all creating this special Muizenberg vibe that we thrive on.

What do I love?

• Those Safer Together monthly moonlight meanders – (link)
• The Muizenberg Festival – (link)
• The Concert in the Park – (link)
• The Palmer Road Village area – (link)
The Masque Theatre – a space for performance – paid and unpaid – (link)
• The Sobeit Studio on Main Road – (link)
ZA Café Coffee Truck – (link)
Hello Muizenberg Mobile Recording Studio – (link)
Believe in Schatzi – working with people with differabilities – teaching them to surf – (link)

And What do I do?

Voicemap for Muizenberg – the Village gems – check it out – (link)
Voicemap for Kalk Bay – just launched and very cool – (link)
Be an Actor for a Day – inviting locals and visitors to explore the world of theatre here in Muizies – (link)
• Theatre – lots of it
• Content – Tourism

I hope you like what I write here – I am happy to share snippets, gems and even some Muizenberg musings from time to time.
I welcome feedback!

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  1. Mark Lewis July 9, 2022 at 11:07 am #

    Please post about the renovation to the beach huts … your current content only shows the derelict huts which is very negative content . Thx

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