Muizenberg Surf Spots

Muizenberg Surf Spots on a Google Map

Some people may think it’s crazy having a surf map for Muizenberg beach as in their mind there is only one spot, directly out in front of the showers! But, there are three very distinct spots all with different breaking waves, from sandy beach breaks to barreling reef breaks!

Surfers Corner

The definitive surf spot in Cape Town! A gentle beach break which feels like it was made for the learn to surf crew. A good day sees 2ft+ lines, a longboarders paradise! An epic day consists of 4ft groomed lines from a SE swell with soft NW winds! Anything bigger than 4ft typically entails a mammoth paddle to the backline. Sharky at times, but the Sharkspotters are on hand to keep a look out over the lineup.

Stormy Surf at Surfers Corner

Stormy Big Surf at Surfers Corner

Perfect Longboarding Conditions

Perfect Longboarding Conditions at Surfers Corner

The River Mouth

When the swell direction is perfect this spot tends to be one or two foot bigger than Surfers Corner, but is still a gentle sand bottomed beach break. When the river mouth is opened and the water runs out from the Sandvlei it has been known to get a little sharky. Recently the water that flows out from the river mouth has caused health concerns attached with high levels of Ecoli being detected, be sure to do your research before heading out to surf at this spot.

Bailey’s Cottage

An extremely fickle reef break that sits directly in front of the Bailey’s Cottage B&B. When its on a short right hand barrel ride is on offer, but it does require a big southerly swell with an optimal high tide. A running joke with the locals as not many people have had that elusive clean barrel ride!

Bailey's Reef

Bailey’s Reef Barrel Ride

Rolling Barrel Ride

Bailey’s Cottage overlooking the fickle reef break