Muizenberg 2nd Wave Lock Down

South Africa Corona-Virus cases have (unfortunately) been steadily rising over the last few weeks due to a number of reasons, which I won’t get into as it has been heavily documented online and in all other media!

longboarding lines at Muizenberg beach

Dreamy small longboarding lines at Muizenberg beach

But the end result is the beaches are now closed until the 15th January – this means no surfing, no swimming and definitely no sand castle building. That’s right Muizenberg beach is closed for business!

Day 1 of the new lock down started on the 29th December… the morning dawned with a stunning sunrise and beautiful clean 2ft longboarding waves, I had a quick chat with a few surfer rebels as they got out from their dawnie surf – one longboarder told me that a SAPS (cop) van came by earlier and the cop had said he had been given no instructions to remove people from the lineup or beach, but that could change very quickly so it was best to enjoy the surf as it might be the last for a few weeks, as the beach was to be closed!

Clean blue seas white sands and blue skies

Quad bike tracks from SAPS playing Baywatch on the sand

As the morning progressed metro police were out in force warning people to keep masks on and social distance, around 9am SAPS turned up and started requesting people to get out of the water, as far as I know no fines were given out and no arrests were made!

During the day the beach was empty, every now and then some one would dart onto the sand and run into the ocean to try and alleviate the rising temperatures but they were soon escorted off the beach by cops on quad bikes (who were finally getting to live their David Hasselhoff / Baywatch dreams out).

Muizenberg beach huts

Muizenberg beach huts

All in all everyone at Muizenberg beach stuck to the new rules, even if they didn’t agree with them – that was day 1 who knows how the next 16 days will play out!


  1. Viv Connell December 30, 2020 at 8:27 am #

    Although I regard myself as a surfer, the Corner at its extreme clean best, looked absolutely surreal and so immensely beautiful without anyone in the water yesterday.

    • Craig December 30, 2020 at 9:06 am #

      Yesterday gave me the perfect opportunity to get some beautiful beach photographs – clean sand, blue skies, straight waves and no one around trampling on the sand 🙂

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