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Muizenberg Beach And Surfing Ban

The beach ban that most of South Africa has been experiencing since the 28th December has meant for some pretty depressing times – a lot of disgruntled surfers, saddened swimmers and also a lot of […]

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Muizenberg 2nd Wave Lock Down

South Africa Corona-Virus cases have (unfortunately) been steadily rising over the last few weeks due to a number of reasons, which I won’t get into as it has been heavily documented online and in all […]

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Beach Safety

Beach Safety At Muizenberg Beach Everyone is looking forward to a little R&R at Muizenberg beach over the Christmas period, but there is also the worry of staying safe while enjoying the surf and beach. […]

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Muizenberg Sand Art with Innocent

As you stroll along Muizenberg beach you may notice there are some beautiful sand art installations – you may wonder what team is behind these stunning works of art but you may be surprised to […]

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