Beach Safety

Beach Safety At Muizenberg Beach

Beach Safety at Muizenberg Beach

Everyone is looking forward to a little R&R at Muizenberg beach over the Christmas period, but there is also the worry of staying safe while enjoying the surf and beach. Allan Dillon of Mountain Men Security has put together these top ten tips to remaining safe whilst working on your tan lines and enjoying your ice cream at Muizenberg beach:

Top 10 Beach Safety Tips

  1. Familiarise yourself with crime “Hot Spots.” Eg – google Muizenberg beach crime – you will be amazed about the wealth of information that is available to you. This helps you to avoid going into a place, eyes closed.
  2. Do not walk to the beach with valuables, such as wrist watch, jewellery, cell phones. Leave somebody with your clothing/ possessions, once going into the water.
  3. Parking a vehicle. Be careful not to leave valuables inside your vehicle. Leave the cubbyhole open, so criminals can see there is nothing inside.
  4. When parking your vehicle try to reverse park your vehicle, where possible. It opens your field of vision, and reduces the risk of people approaching you from the blind spots.
  5. Do not draw cash from ATM’s at night, or in isolated areas. Planning is key to reducing the risk of becoming a victim of crime.
  6. Change up your routine. Do not get into a routine of walking, driving the same route, at the same times, each day.
  7. Ensure that family and friends have an idea of your itinerary. Update your itinerary, and remember to update your family and friends.
  8. Report suspicious persons or vehicles to the local Neighbourhood Watch. If you can, obtain their contact details, and save onto your phone. NHW tend to respond quickly to reports.
  9. Plan ahead if you have a medical condition. If you do suffer from a medical condition, or are on chronic medication, make sure that you have enough on you for the duration of your visit. Take note of the nearest medical facilities and doctors rooms, should you require help.
  10. Use common sense and enjoy your holiday. Remember the Law of the Sea: If you don’t want to get eaten, don’t look like food.

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