Muizenberg Beach And Surfing Ban

The beach ban that most of South Africa has been experiencing since the 28th December has meant for some pretty depressing times – a lot of disgruntled surfers, saddened swimmers and also a lot of […]

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Muizenberg 2nd Wave Lock Down

South Africa Corona-Virus cases have (unfortunately) been steadily rising over the last few weeks due to a number of reasons, which I won’t get into as it has been heavily documented online and in all […]

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Beach Memes from Muizenberg Beach

A few images and memes from Muizenberg beach – perfect (and free) to use on Instagram and Facebook:

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Beach Safety

Beach Safety At Muizenberg Beach Everyone is looking forward to a little R&R at Muizenberg beach over the Christmas period, but there is also the worry of staying safe while enjoying the surf and beach. […]

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Boyes Drive – The Iconic Road

Boyes Drive & Muizenberg Table of Contents: Wildlife in Abundance Sharkspotters Look Out The Perfect Exercise Route Boyes Drive Hiking Trails The History of Boyes Drive Boyes drive is a 7KM simple stretch of mountain […]

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The New Era of Foiling At Muizenberg Beach

Foil-Boarding Folks are referring to it as ‘foiling, foil-boarding, wing-foiling, foil-surfing or even hydrofoil’. Whatever you wish to call it, it is the trending sport right now. Stand Up Paddleboarding, initially targeted a more mature […]

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Muizenberg Sand Art with Innocent

As you stroll along Muizenberg beach you may notice there are some beautiful sand art installations – you may wonder what team is behind these stunning works of art but you may be surprised to […]

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St James Beachhut Fire

On the 8th August around 1am a fire at the St James tidal pools destroyed 3 beach huts (or should that be bathing boxes?) and left another two in very bad condition, whilst the city […]

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Birds of Muizenberg

Updated 31st July 2020 The bird life in Muizenberg is fairly abundant but not particularly diverse and exotic considering we live in the Cape floral kingdom – I would imagine this predominantly due to how […]

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Dolphins in the lineup

The recent stormy oceans around the Cape peninsular has made for some heavy rains, high winds and heavy seas. But this morning for those at Muizenberg beach were rewarded with a large pod of dolphins […]

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